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Name Popularity: 94%

Cruz name meaning:

The name Cruz is of Spanish origin and has several meanings. One interpretation is that it is derived from the Spanish word "cruz" which means "cross". This suggests a religious connotation, as the cross is a symbol of Christianity and represents sacrifice, redemption, and faith. In this sense, the name Cruz may reflect qualities of spirituality, devotion, and strength.

Another possible meaning of the name Cruz is "bright" or "shining". This interpretation connects the name with attributes such as intelligence, creativity, and charisma. It can be seen as a representation of someone who stands out and brings light or positivity to others.

Overall, the name Cruz is a versatile and meaningful name that can evoke both religious and positive qualities. It can inspire thoughts of faith, sacrifice, and spirituality, as well as intelligence, creativity, and shining personality traits. Ultimately, the significance of the name Cruz may vary depending on individual beliefs and cultural backgrounds.

Origin: Portuguese



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Overall UK ranking: 269 out of 4789

170 recorded births last year

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