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Name Popularity: 97%

Cooper name meaning:

The name Cooper is derived from the English occupational surname, which originally referred to a person who made or repaired wooden casks, barrels, or tubs. The term "cooper" comes from the Middle English word "couper" and the Old English word "coper," both meaning "barrel maker." Historically, this occupation held great significance as the production and maintenance of wooden containers were vital for storing and transporting goods, especially liquids such as wine and beer.

In terms of naming a boy Cooper, it carries a sense of craftsmanship and skill. It signifies a person who is hardworking, meticulous, and resourceful. The name also holds connotations of reliability and practicality, as coopers played a crucial role in ensuring the safekeeping and transportation of valuable goods. Additionally, the name Cooper may evoke a sense of tradition and connection to the past, as it is linked to a profession that has existed for centuries. Overall, naming a boy Cooper implies a nod to craftsmanship, industriousness, and a connection to the historical significance of barrel-making.

Origin: Latin

Barrel maker.



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Overall UK ranking: 145 out of 4789

393 recorded births last year

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