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Coleman name meaning:

The name Coleman is of English origin and has multiple meanings. One possible meaning is "charcoal burner" or "person who works with coal." This meaning is derived from the Old English word "col," which means charcoal or coal, and the word "mann," which means man. The name could have been given to individuals who belonged to a family involved in the coal industry or had some connection to it.

Another possible meaning of the name Coleman is "dove-like" or "peaceful." This interpretation is derived from the Old French word "colombe," which means dove. The name could have been given to people who were known for their peaceful nature or to symbolize peace and harmony within a family or community.

Overall, the name Coleman carries connotations of hard work, strength, and peace. It is a name rooted in English history and may have different associations depending on the specific family or individual bearing the name.

Origin: English

Charcoal burner.



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