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The name Cohen is derived from the Hebrew word "kohen" which means "priest" or "minister." In the Jewish faith, a Cohen is a descendant of Aaron, the brother of Moses, who was chosen to serve as the high priest of Israel. The title of Cohen was hereditary, passed down from father to son, and it held significant religious and social importance within the Jewish community.

As a name, Cohen carries a sense of honor and respect due to its association with the priestly class. It symbolizes a lineage of religious leadership and spiritual devotion. People with the name Cohen often embody qualities such as wisdom, compassion, and a strong connection to their faith.

In recent years, the name Cohen has gained popularity as a given name beyond its traditional religious context. It has become more widely used as a surname-turned-first-name, appreciated for its strong and distinctive sound. However, it is important for non-Jewish individuals to be mindful and respectful of the name's religious significance when using it as a first name, especially within Jewish communities.


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