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The name Carrson, primarily used for boys, is a variant of the name Carson. Carson is of Scottish and Old English origin, meaning "son of the marsh-dwellers" or "son of Carr." The name is derived from a Scottish surname which was initially used to denote families living near marshy areas. The Old English element 'carr' can refer to a mossy or boggy area, emphasizing the geographical nature of the name's origins.

Over time, the name Carrson, like its root Carson, has evolved beyond its literal meaning to become a popular first name in various English-speaking countries. It carries with it connotations of strength and resilience, possibly attributed to the challenging landscapes its bearers once inhabited. Today, the name is chosen for its modern sound and its ability to stand out while still maintaining a connection to heritage and natural elements. Carrson is a unique variation that families might select to provide a distinctive twist on the more commonly seen Carson, highlighting their preference for individuality and creativity in naming.

Origin: Scandinavian

Son of Carr.

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