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The name Calan, primarily used for boys, has roots that trace back to several cultures, each adding its own unique shade of meaning and origin. Predominantly, Calan is considered a variant of the Welsh name "Caelan," which itself is derived from "Caolan," meaning "slender" or "narrow." This origin speaks to qualities of grace and refinement, capturing a sense of dexterity and elegance.

In another interpretation, Calan is closely associated with the beginning of the year, linked to the word "Calendae," which refers to the first day of the month in the Roman calendar, signifying new beginnings and hope. This connection imbues the name with a sense of renewal and freshness, making it an optimistic choice for a child born around the New Year or symbolizing a new chapter in life.

Thus, Calan emerges as a name rich in cultural heritage and layered meanings, from physical grace and slenderness to the broader concepts of new beginnings and the promise of a fresh start. Its versatility and international appeal make it a charming choice for parents seeking a name with both aesthetic beauty and profound significance.

Origin: Scottish

Contemporary variant of Cailean 'Child'.

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