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Name Popularity: 52%

Blaze name meaning:

The name Blaze carries a powerful and fiery essence, evoking images of vibrant flames and intense energy. Derived from the English word "blaze," which means a strong, rapidly spreading fire, the name symbolizes passion, enthusiasm, and a bold nature. Blaze is often associated with warmth, light, and a sense of adventure.

Parents who choose the name Blaze for their son may be drawn to its dynamic and spirited qualities. They may envision their child as someone who possesses a fiery determination, a zest for life, and an ability to ignite inspiration in others. The name Blaze can also represent a desire for individuality, as it stands out among more common names. Overall, Blaze embodies strength, fervor, and a fierce spirit, making it an empowering choice for a boy's name.

Origin: Latin

A flame.


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Overall UK ranking: 2301 out of 4789

9 recorded births last year

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