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The name Baillie is of Scottish origin and is often used as a surname or a given name for both boys and girls. In this context, the name Baillie is derived from the Old French word "bailiff," which means an officer of the court or a person responsible for maintaining order and collecting rents in medieval times. As a given name for a boy, Baillie conveys strength, authority, and a sense of responsibility.

Those named Baillie are often seen as natural leaders, with a strong sense of justice and a desire to protect and care for others. They are known for their ability to maintain order and bring stability to any situation. The name Baillie also suggests a person who is reliable, dependable, and trustworthy, making them a valuable ally and friend to have by your side. Overall, the name Baillie carries an air of authority and competence, reflecting the qualities of a natural-born leader.

Origin: English

Variant of Bailey: Steward, bailiff.

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