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The name Azariah is of Hebrew origin and has a rich biblical history. It is predominantly a masculine name, and its meaning can be interpreted in various ways. One interpretation is "Yahweh has helped" or "Yahweh has aided." The name Azariah is a combination of two Hebrew words: "azar" meaning "help" and "yah" referring to the Hebrew God, Yahweh. Thus, the name Azariah can be seen as a declaration of faith in God's assistance and support.

In the Bible, Azariah is also the name of several notable figures. One of them is Azariah, who was a prophet during the reign of King Asa in the Old Testament. Another well-known Azariah is Azariah the son of Amaziah, who became king of Judah. These biblical references add depth and significance to the name, reflecting qualities such as righteousness, leadership, and divine intervention.

Overall, the name Azariah carries a strong and positive connotation, emphasizing the belief in a higher power and the belief that God can provide help and support in times of need.

Origin: Biblical

He that hears the Lord.


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