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The name Ayyub is of Arabic origin and has several meanings. One interpretation is that it derives from the Arabic word "ayyaba," which means "to return," "to come back," or "to recover." This suggests that the name Ayyub signifies someone who rebounds from adversity or someone who is resilient. Another possible meaning of the name Ayyub is "one who repents" or "one who turns to God for forgiveness." This interpretation is derived from the story of Prophet Ayyub (Job in English), who is known for his immense patience and unwavering faith in God despite enduring severe trials and tribulations.

In Islamic tradition, Prophet Ayyub's story is seen as a symbol of patience, endurance, and the ultimate reward for steadfastness. Thus, naming a boy Ayyub can be a way to honor the qualities of perseverance, resilience, and reliance on God. It signifies the hope that the child will possess these virtues throughout their life and be able to overcome challenges and hardships with patience and faith.


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91 recorded births last year

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