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Name Popularity: 97%

Ayaan name meaning:

The name Ayaan is of Arabic origin and holds multiple meanings. One of the most common meanings attributed to the name is "gift of God" or "God's gift." This interpretation highlights the belief that the child is a blessing bestowed upon the parents by a higher power. Ayaan can also be interpreted as "blessed" or "fortunate," emphasizing the sense of gratitude and good fortune associated with the name.

In Islamic culture, the name Ayaan holds additional significance as it is derived from the Quranic term "aaya," which means "miracle" or "sign of God's presence." This implies that individuals named Ayaan are seen as a manifestation of divine power and holiness. The name carries a sense of sacredness and spiritual connection within the Islamic community.

Overall, the name Ayaan conveys a deep sense of gratitude, blessing, and divine presence. It represents the belief that the child is a precious gift and a symbol of God's grace and favor.


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Overall UK ranking: 146 out of 4789

390 recorded births last year

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