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Name Popularity: 92%

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The name Ashton is of English origin and is primarily a surname turned given name. It is commonly used for boys, but it can also be used as a name for girls. The meaning of the name Ashton is derived from the Old English word "├Žsc" which means "ash tree" and the suffix "-tun" which means "settlement" or "town." Therefore, the name Ashton can be interpreted to mean "town of ash trees" or "settlement near the ash trees."

As a name for girls, Ashton carries a strong and unique quality. It portrays a sense of independence, strength, and resilience. The name embraces nature and beauty, symbolizing the strength and growth associated with the ash tree. Girls named Ashton often possess a determined and ambitious nature, radiating confidence and perseverance. The name Ashton serves as a reminder of the powerful connection between humans and nature, highlighting the beauty and strength that can be found within.

Origin: English

Town of ash trees.


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Overall UK ranking: 370 out of 4789

122 recorded births last year

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  • Scotland (186)

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