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Name Popularity: 85%

Artur name meaning:

The name Artur is of Celtic origin and means "noble" or "courageous." It is a name that conveys strength, honor, and bravery. Boys named Artur are often seen as leaders and protectors, with a strong sense of justice and integrity. They are known for their loyalty and determination, always striving to do what is right and standing up for what they believe in.

People with the name Artur are often seen as charismatic and confident individuals who inspire those around them. They are natural-born leaders who excel in positions of authority and are not afraid to take risks in pursuit of their goals. Overall, the name Artur signifies a person who is noble in character, with a strong sense of moral values and the courage to face any challenges that come their way.

Origin: Celtic

Strong as a bear.

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Overall UK ranking: 704 out of 4789

49 recorded births last year

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  • Scotland (605)

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