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Name Popularity: 87%

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The name Arjan is of Sanskrit origin and is commonly used in India, Nepal, and other South Asian countries. It has various meanings depending on the culture and context. In Sanskrit, Arjan means "one who is deserving" or "one who is worthy." It is derived from the word "arj" which means "to earn" or "to gain."

In Hinduism, Arjan is associated with the concept of righteousness and moral virtue. It symbolizes a person who upholds and adheres to high ethical standards. The name also carries a sense of accomplishment and success, suggesting that the person is deserving of praise and recognition.

Arjan is a name that conveys positive qualities and characteristics. It signifies a person who is hardworking, deserving of respect, and has a strong sense of integrity. It is a name that parents may choose for their son, hoping that he will grow up to be a person of honor and righteousness.


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62 recorded births last year

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