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Name Popularity: 56%

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The name Arif is of Arabic origin and is commonly given to boys. It carries a deep meaning and is often associated with qualities such as wisdom, knowledge, and intelligence. In Arabic, the word "Arif" is derived from the root word "arafa," which means to know or to be aware of. Therefore, the name Arif is often interpreted as someone who is knowledgeable or well-informed.

Those named Arif are often seen as individuals who possess a deep understanding of various subjects and can provide valuable insights. They are known for their intellectual abilities and their ability to grasp complex concepts quickly. Arifs are often admired for their wisdom and are considered to be excellent problem solvers.

People with the name Arif tend to be curious and have a thirst for knowledge. They are often lifelong learners and are driven by a desire to acquire new information and understanding. The name Arif is a reminder of the importance of knowledge and wisdom and serves as an encouragement for those who bear the name to continue seeking knowledge and pursuing intellectual growth.

Origin: Arabic


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Overall UK ranking: 2125 out of 4789

10 recorded births last year

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