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The name Aonghus (also spelled Aengus, Angus, or Oengus) has its origins in Gaelic and Old Irish, with deep roots in Celtic mythology and history. It translates to "one strength" or "true vigor," combining elements that denote uniqueness and strength. This name reflects qualities of vigor, bravery, and distinctiveness, embodying the essence of a strong and unique individual.

Aonghus is notably borne by Aonghus Óg of the Tuatha Dé Danann in Irish mythology, a god of love, youth, and poetic inspiration, which adds a layer of cultural richness and historical depth to the name. This mythological figure is often depicted as youthful and handsome, embodying ideals of beauty and charm, further enhancing the name's appeal. The name Aonghus, with its evocative meaning and mythological association, is a choice that carries with it connotations of strength, youthfulness, and enduring charm.

Origin: Celtic

Exceptionally strong.

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