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The name Anmol is of Indian origin and is commonly given to boys. It has a beautiful meaning that reflects its cultural roots. Anmol is derived from the Sanskrit language, where "an" means without, and "mol" means price or value. Therefore, the name Anmol can be translated to mean "priceless" or "invaluable."

Choosing the name Anmol for their son often signifies the parents' desire to highlight the immense value and importance they place on their child. It can also symbolize the belief that the child is a unique and precious gift in their lives. The name Anmol carries a sense of admiration and awe, suggesting that the boy possesses qualities and characteristics that are truly exceptional and cannot be measured in material terms.

With its profound meaning, the name Anmol serves as a constant reminder for both the parents and the child of the immeasurable worth and significance they hold in each other's lives.



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