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The name Alton is of Old English origin and has multiple meanings. One interpretation suggests that it is derived from the Old English elements "eald" meaning "old" and "tun" meaning "town" or "settlement", thus Alton could be interpreted as "old town" or "old settlement". Another theory suggests that it may come from the Old English personal name "Ælfweald" meaning "elf ruler", with "Ælf" meaning "elf" and "weald" meaning "rule" or "power".

Alton is a name that has been used for both boys and girls, but it is more commonly associated with males. It is not a very common name, which adds to its uniqueness and appeal for those seeking a less mainstream choice. The name Alton has a strong and masculine sound to it, evoking a sense of strength and power. It also carries a sense of tradition and history, reminding us of ancient settlements and rulers. Overall, the name Alton conveys a sense of strength, history, and individuality.

Origin: English

From the old manor.


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