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Name Popularity: 83%

Alessio name meaning:

The name Alessio is of Italian origin and is derived from the Greek name Alexios, which means "defender" or "protector." It is a masculine name commonly given to boys in Italy and other Italian-speaking countries. The name carries a strong and powerful connotation, embodying qualities of strength, bravery, and resilience.

People with the name Alessio are often described as being confident and assertive. They have a natural ability to lead and inspire others, and they are often seen as protectors of their loved ones. Alessio's determination and perseverance enable them to overcome any obstacles they may face in life.

Overall, the name Alessio represents a strong and noble character, someone who is fiercely protective and dedicated to their family and friends. It is a name that exudes power, strength, and reliability, making it a popular choice for parents seeking a name that reflects these qualities in their son.


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Overall UK ranking: 825 out of 4789

38 recorded births last year

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