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The name Ajmal is of Arabic origin and is commonly used as a boy's name. It holds several meanings, each with its own significance. One of the meanings of Ajmal is "most beautiful" or "handsome." This interpretation emphasizes the physical appearance and attractiveness of the person named Ajmal. It signifies the idea of being pleasing to the eye and having an appealing allure.

Another meaning of Ajmal is "best" or "excellent." This interpretation emphasizes the quality and superiority of the person named Ajmal. It implies that they possess exceptional qualities, skills, or traits that set them apart from others. This meaning suggests a positive evaluation of the individual's abilities and character.

Overall, the name Ajmal carries connotations of beauty, excellence, and superiority. It represents the idea of someone who is physically attractive and possesses exceptional qualities. This name choice may reflect the parents' desire for their child to be perceived as handsome or to excel in various aspects of life.

Origin: Arabic

The total, more beautiful.

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