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Name Popularity: 81%

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The name Aj is of uncertain origin and does not have a specific meaning in English. It is often used as a short form or nickname for longer names, such as Ajay, Ajeet, or Ajayi. The meaning of these longer names may provide some insight into the possible meaning of Aj.

Ajay is a Sanskrit name meaning "unconquered" or "victorious." It is a popular name in India and is often given to boys with hopes of them having a successful and strong life. Ajeet, derived from the same Sanskrit root, means "invincible" or "unbeatable." Ajayi, on the other hand, is a Yoruba name of Nigerian origin, meaning "born into a victorious family."

Given the limited information available, it is difficult to determine a precise meaning for the name Aj. However, considering its associations with victory and strength in different cultures, it can be assumed that Aj carries a similar connotation of power and triumph.


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Overall UK ranking: 888 out of 4789

34 recorded births last year

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