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Name Popularity: 74%

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The name Ahaan is of Indian origin, derived from the Sanskrit word "Ahan," which means "dawn" or "first ray of sunlight." As such, the name Ahaan carries a symbolic meaning associated with new beginnings, brightness, and hope. It signifies the start of a new day, representing the idea of awakening and bringing light into the world.

In Hinduism, the dawn holds great spiritual significance, representing the time when the world is refreshed and rejuvenated. Therefore, the name Ahaan also embodies qualities such as optimism, inspiration, and the potential for growth. It can be seen as a positive and auspicious name choice, reminding parents and those around the child of the beauty and potential of each new day. Ahaan is a name that brings with it a sense of hope, happiness, and the promise of a bright future.


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Overall UK ranking: 1250 out of 4789

21 recorded births last year

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