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The name Adad is of Assyrian origin and has multiple meanings and interpretations. In Mesopotamian mythology, Adad was the god of storms and rain, associated with fertility and agricultural abundance. As such, the name Adad can be seen as a reference to power, strength, and the life-giving force of nature. It carries connotations of vitality, growth, and prosperity.

In a broader sense, Adad can also be understood as a symbolic representation of resilience and adaptability. Just like the storms that he represents, individuals named Adad may possess the ability to weather challenges and overcome obstacles. They may have a dynamic and energetic personality, characterized by determination and a strong sense of purpose.

As a name for a boy, Adad can carry a sense of strength, endurance, and leadership. It is a name that holds a connection to ancient mythology and carries with it the rich cultural heritage of the Assyrian civilization. Parents who choose the name Adad for their son may be drawn to its powerful and meaningful associations, and the hope that their child will embody the qualities of resilience, growth, and prosperity throughout his life.

Origin: Greek

Storm and flood God.


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