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The name Abdul-Mateen is of Arabic origin and is predominantly used in Muslim cultures. It is composed of two elements: "Abdul" and "Mateen".

The name Abdul means "servant of" or "slave of" in Arabic, and it is a common prefix in Arabic names, indicating servitude to Allah or a specific attribute of Allah. Mateen, on the other hand, is an Arabic adjective that translates to "strong", "firm", or "steadfast".

Therefore, the name Abdul-Mateen can be interpreted to mean "servant of the strong" or "slave of the steadfast". It carries a spiritual connotation, expressing devotion to a higher power and emphasizing qualities such as strength, resilience, and determination. It is a meaningful name that reflects the Islamic faith and the belief in submitting oneself to the strength and power of Allah.

Origin: Arabic

Servant of the firm, strong.

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