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The name Abdirahman is of Arabic origin and is predominantly given to boys. It is composed of two parts: "Abd," meaning "servant" or "slave," and "Rahman," which translates to "the most merciful" or "the compassionate." When combined, the name Abdirahman can be interpreted as "servant of the most merciful" or "servant of the compassionate."

In Islam, Rahman is one of the 99 names of Allah (God), emphasizing His attribute of mercy and compassion. Abdirahman, therefore, carries a spiritual significance as it represents a person who is dedicated to serving and seeking the mercy and compassion of Allah. The name is a reflection of the Islamic faith and its teachings, highlighting the importance of humility, devotion, and kindness.

Overall, Abdirahman is a name that carries a profound meaning rooted in faith, reminding its bearer of their role as a servant to a merciful and compassionate higher power.


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