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The name Abd is of Arabic origin and is commonly used as a shortened form of Abdul or Abdullah. In Arabic, the name Abd means "servant" or "slave of God." The name carries a strong religious connotation and is often used as a prefix in various Arabic names as a way to show devotion and submission to God.

The name Abd holds significance in Islamic culture as it reflects the belief of being a servant to God and recognizing His authority. It symbolizes humility, obedience, and devotion to the teachings of Islam. Those who bear the name Abd are often seen as individuals who strive to live a life of piety and righteousness, embodying the qualities of a true servant of God. The name represents a deep connection to spirituality and emphasizes the importance of serving and worshiping God above all else.

Overall, the name Abd carries a profound religious meaning and represents a strong sense of devotion and submission to God in Arabic culture.

Origin: Arabic

Variant of 'Abd: Slave. Servant.

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