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Name Popularity: 92%

Aarav name meaning:

The name Aarav is of Indian origin and is commonly used for boys. It is derived from the Sanskrit word "arav" which means peaceful, calm, or serene. As such, the name Aarav is often associated with qualities such as tranquility, harmony, and a peaceful nature.

Individuals with the name Aarav are believed to possess a calm and composed demeanor, and are often described as kind-hearted and gentle. They tend to be good listeners and are known for their ability to bring a sense of peace and harmony to those around them. Aarav is a name that represents a peaceful and serene personality, making it a popular choice for parents looking for a name that embodies these qualities.

Furthermore, the name Aarav has gained popularity in recent years due to its association with the Indian film industry. Several Bollywood celebrities have chosen this name for their sons, which has contributed to its increased usage and recognition. Overall, Aarav is a name that carries a positive and peaceful connotation, making it an appealing choice for many parents.


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Overall UK ranking: 367 out of 4789

123 recorded births last year

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