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Name Popularity: 17%

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The name Aakif is of Arabic origin and is predominantly given to boys. Its meaning can be interpreted in various ways, as it carries multiple connotations within the Arabic language. One possible meaning of Aakif is "one who is dedicated" or "one who is devoted." This interpretation emphasizes the individual's commitment, focus, and dedication to a particular cause, belief, or activity.

In Islamic tradition, the name Aakif is associated with the concept of "I'tikaaf," which refers to seclusion or retreat in a mosque for spiritual purposes. Therefore, Aakif can also be understood as "one who is engaged in worship" or "one who is deeply connected to their faith." This meaning highlights the person's strong religious devotion and their constant efforts to strengthen their relationship with God.

Overall, the name Aakif carries a sense of commitment, dedication, and spiritual devotion. It symbolizes a person who is focused and committed to their beliefs, whether it be a specific cause, activity, or their religious faith.

Origin: Arabic

Given, attached.

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Overall UK ranking: 3990 out of 4789

4 recorded births last year

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