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Name Popularity: 97%

Wren name meaning:

The name Wren is derived from the Old English word “wrenna,” which means “little bird.” The wren is a small, active, and cheerful bird known for its melodious song. Therefore, the name Wren symbolizes attributes such as freedom, joy, and grace. It represents someone who is lively, independent, and possesses a free spirit.

Choosing the name Wren for a girl can also signify a connection with nature and its beauty. It suggests an appreciation for the small yet vibrant aspects of life and an inclination towards simplicity and harmony. The name Wren may also reflect a desire for exploration and adventure, as the Wren bird is known for its ability to adapt and thrive in different environments.

Overall, the name Wren holds a sense of delicacy and charm, while also emphasizing strength and resilience. It is a unique and meaningful choice for parents who want to give their daughter a name that represents the beauty and vitality found in nature.

Origin: English


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Overall UK ranking: 184 out of 5581

279 recorded births last year

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  • Scotland (225)

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