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Name Popularity: 74%

Umaymah name meaning:

The name Umaymah is of Arabic origin and it carries several meanings. One common interpretation is that Umaymah means "little mother" or "young mother." This name signifies a nurturing and caring nature, often associated with a girl who exhibits maternal instincts even at a young age. It also reflects a sense of responsibility and compassion towards others.

Another interpretation of Umaymah is "she who provides shade." This meaning suggests that Umaymah brings comfort and protection to those around her, much like a shade offers respite from the harshness of the sun. It implies that this individual has a calming presence and can provide solace to others in times of need.

Overall, the name Umaymah combines elements of maternal love, caretaking, and providing comfort. It reflects a personality that is empathetic, responsible, and supportive. The name Umaymah carries positive connotations and celebrates qualities associated with nurturing and protecting others.

Origin: Arabic

Young mother.

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Overall UK ranking: 1454 out of 5581

21 recorded births last year

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