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The name "Shraddha" is of Indian origin and is commonly given to girls. It has its roots in Hinduism and holds significant cultural and religious importance. The name is derived from the Sanskrit word "shraddha," which means faith, devotion, or trust.

Shraddha represents a deep sense of belief and reverence towards spiritual or religious practices. It embodies the idea of having unwavering faith in one's beliefs and dedicating oneself wholeheartedly to a particular deity, philosophy, or set of values. The name reflects the qualities of a person who is sincere, committed, and steadfast in their convictions.

Shraddha also carries the notion of respect and homage towards ancestors and elders. In Hindu rituals, "shraddha" refers to the ceremony performed to honor and offer prayers to departed souls. Hence, the name portrays a sense of reverence towards the lineage and heritage.

Overall, the name Shraddha symbolizes faith, devotion, and respect. It signifies a person who is deeply connected to their beliefs and traditions, and who upholds the values and practices that define their cultural identity.

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