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Name Popularity: 93%

Serena name meaning:

The name Serena is of Latin origin and holds a serene and peaceful meaning. It is derived from the Latin word serenus, which translates to "clear, calm, or peaceful." Therefore, the name Serena often symbolizes tranquility, serenity, and a sense of inner peace.

People with the name Serena are often regarded as gentle, calm, and composed individuals. They tend to have a soothing presence and are known for their ability to remain calm in challenging situations. Serenas are typically empathetic and compassionate, always striving to create harmony and peace in their relationships and surroundings.

In addition to its peaceful connotations, Serena is also associated with grace, elegance, and beauty. The name has gained popularity over the years due to its positive and gentle qualities. Overall, Serena is a name that encapsulates a sense of calmness, peace, and beauty, making it a popular choice for parents seeking a serene and graceful name for their daughter.

Origin: Latin

Serene, calm.

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Overall UK ranking: 389 out of 5581

115 recorded births last year

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  • Scotland (652)

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