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Name Popularity: 96%

Seren name meaning:

The name Seren is of Welsh origin and holds a beautiful meaning. Derived from the Welsh word for "star," Seren carries a sense of brilliance and luminosity. Just as stars shine brightly in the darkness, the name Seren symbolizes hope, guidance, and inspiration. It represents qualities like light, purity, and celestial beauty.

Seren is a name that evokes a sense of magic and wonder. It can also be associated with spirituality and a connection to the cosmos. Beyond its literal interpretation, Seren can be seen as a metaphor for someone who brings warmth and joy into the lives of others. With its celestial connotations, the name Seren carries an ethereal charm that is both unique and captivating.

Parents who choose the name Seren for their daughter may hope to instill a sense of awe and wonder in her, reminding her of her own inner light and encouraging her to shine brightly in all that she does.

Origin: Welsh



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Overall UK ranking: 218 out of 5581

229 recorded births last year

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  • Wales (41)
  • Scotland (652)

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