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Name Popularity: 65%

Reva name meaning:

The name Reva has a few different meanings depending on its cultural origin. In Sanskrit, Reva means "one who moves swiftly" or "a star." This reflects characteristics of speed, agility, and brilliance. In Hebrew, Reva is derived from the word "riv," which means "to bind" or "to join together." This signifies an individual who brings people together, acts as a unifying force, or fosters connections within a community.

Reva is often seen as a unique and beautiful name for a girl, embodying strength, grace, and a sense of purpose. It can symbolize the ability to adapt quickly and effectively, as well as the power to shine brightly in any situation. The name Reva can also represent a person who is nurturing, supportive, and has a natural inclination to bring people together. Overall, Reva is a name that carries positive connotations and can inspire feelings of admiration, elegance, and inclusiveness.

Origin: Latin



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Overall UK ranking: 1962 out of 5581

14 recorded births last year

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