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Name Popularity: 17%

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The name Reeve is of English origin and is primarily used as a surname or a given name for boys. Its meaning can be traced back to the Old English word "gerefa," which referred to a local official or administrator in medieval England. The word itself is derived from the Old Norse word "greve," meaning "steward" or "governor."

As a given name, Reeve carries connotations of responsibility, leadership, and authority. It symbolizes someone who is organized, efficient, and capable of managing and overseeing tasks or people. The name Reeve also reflects qualities such as honesty, integrity, and a strong sense of justice, as these were important attributes for a medieval reeve or official.

In modern times, the name Reeve has become less common as a given name and is more frequently encountered as a surname. However, if chosen as a boy's name, it bestows a sense of strength, reliability, and competence upon the individual.

Origin: English



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