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Name Popularity: 97%

Paisley name meaning:

The name Paisley is derived from the Scottish Gaelic word "passing," which means "church" or "pasture." It is also associated with the town of Paisley in Scotland, known for its textile industry and the famous paisley pattern. The paisley pattern is a droplet-shaped design that originated in Persia and became popular in Europe during the 18th and 19th centuries. The name Paisley gained popularity as a given name for both boys and girls, particularly in English-speaking countries.

Symbolically, the name Paisley is often associated with creativity, artistry, and individuality. It conveys a sense of uniqueness and free-spiritedness. Those named Paisley are believed to possess a strong sense of self-expression and originality, as well as a love for beauty and aesthetics. The name also implies a connection to nature and the pastoral, which may suggest a nurturing and caring nature. Overall, the name Paisley carries a rich historical and cultural significance while also evoking a sense of artistic flair and individuality.


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Overall UK ranking: 157 out of 5581

330 recorded births last year

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