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Name Popularity: 90%

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The name Nusaybah is of Arabic origin and holds significant meaning. It is a feminine name derived from the Arabic word "nasaiba," which means 'intelligent' or 'wise.' Nusaybah is often associated with noble characteristics such as bravery, strength, and leadership.

In Islamic history, Nusaybah bint Ka'ab, also known as Umm Ammarah, was a prominent figure who played a significant role in defending the Prophet Muhammad during the Battle of Uhud. Her courageous actions earned her a high status among the early Muslim community and served as an inspiration for future generations.

The name Nusaybah, therefore, carries a sense of honor and valor. It is a name that signifies intelligence, wisdom, and fearlessness. Naming a girl Nusaybah may serve as a reminder of the importance of these qualities and can inspire her to embody them throughout her life journey.

Origin: Arabic

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74 recorded births last year

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