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Nitara name meaning:

The name Nitara is of Indian origin and has several meanings associated with it. In Sanskrit, Nitara means "having deep roots" or "having strong foundations." This suggests a sense of stability, strength, and grounding. It can also be interpreted as "focused" or "determined," implying a person who is driven and goal-oriented.

Another meaning of Nitara is "being guided by divine light" or "divine guidance." This reflects a spiritual aspect, suggesting that those named Nitara may have a strong connection to their intuition or higher power. It signifies a person who seeks enlightenment and is open to receiving guidance and inspiration.

Overall, the name Nitara conveys a sense of strength, stability, determination, and spirituality. It is a beautiful and meaningful name that embodies qualities that can inspire and empower the individual who bears it.

Origin: Hindu

Deeply rooted.

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