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Name Popularity: 87%

Nella name meaning:

The name Nella has various meanings and origins, depending on the cultural context. In Italian, Nella is a diminutive form of the name Antonella, which is the feminine form of the name Antonio, meaning "priceless" or "inestimable." In this sense, Nella represents a girl who is highly valuable or precious.

On the other hand, Nella can also be derived from the Latin name Cornelia, which means "horn." In this context, Nella can symbolize strength, power, or protection, as horns are often associated with these attributes.

In addition to these meanings, Nella can also have roots in other cultures. For instance, in Hebrew, Nella is derived from the name Penelope, meaning "weaver" or "faithful." This interpretation suggests a girl who is skillful and reliable.

Ultimately, the meaning of the name Nella can vary depending on the cultural background and the particular interpretation chosen. Nevertheless, the name generally conveys positive qualities, such as value, strength, and skillfulness, making it a beautiful choice for a girl's name.

Origin: English

Abbreviation of Eleanor 'shining light'.

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Overall UK ranking: 720 out of 5581

52 recorded births last year

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