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Name Popularity: 85%

Nansi name meaning:

The name Nansi is derived from the Swahili language, primarily spoken in East Africa. In Swahili, Nansi means "friendly" or "affable." The name carries a positive connotation and suggests a warm, outgoing, and approachable nature. Individuals named Nansi tend to possess a friendly and sociable demeanor, which enables them to easily connect with others. They are often known for their charm, amiability, and ability to make people feel comfortable in their presence.

People with the name Nansi are generally well-liked and valued for their ability to foster a welcoming atmosphere. They are often seen as trustworthy friends and reliable companions. Nansi's sociable nature can make them excellent communicators and team players, as they are skilled at building relationships and facilitating positive interactions. Overall, the name Nansi reflects a person who is friendly, approachable, and has a natural talent for creating connections with others.


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Overall UK ranking: 812 out of 5581

44 recorded births last year

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