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Name Popularity: 43%

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The name Morgana is of Celtic origin and has several possible meanings. One interpretation links it to the Welsh name Morgan, meaning "sea circle" or "bright sea." This meaning evokes images of the ocean and its vastness, suggesting a sense of strength and power. Another possible connection is to the Welsh word mor, meaning "great" or "mighty," which further emphasizes these qualities. Additionally, Morgana can be associated with the Arthurian legend, where it is often used as the name of a sorceress or enchantress.

In Arthurian literature, Morgana is depicted as a complex character with magical abilities and a strong will. She is often portrayed as a powerful sorceress who seeks her own ambitions, sometimes appearing as an antagonist to King Arthur and his knights. The name Morgana, therefore, suggests a sense of mystery, intrigue, and enchantment. It carries connotations of strength, wisdom, and independence, reflecting a bold and charismatic persona. Overall, the name Morgana embodies a sense of power and fascination, making it an attractive choice for parents seeking a name with a mythical and enchanting quality for their daughter.

Origin: Welsh

Edge of the sea.

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Overall UK ranking: 3192 out of 5581

7 recorded births last year

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