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Name Popularity: 85%

Monroe name meaning:

The name Monroe is of Scottish origin and is derived from the Gaelic elements "munro" and "roe", meaning "hill" and "red", respectively. When combined, the name Monroe can be interpreted as "red hill" or "hill of the red-haired one". The name Monroe has a strong and masculine sound, evoking a sense of strength and courage.

In addition to its literal meaning, the name Monroe also carries historical significance. It is associated with James Monroe, the fifth President of the United States, who is known for his contributions to the Monroe Doctrine, a policy that aimed to prevent European colonialism in the Americas. As such, the name Monroe can be seen as representing leadership, diplomacy, and a desire for independence.

Overall, the name Monroe has a rich and powerful meaning, reflecting attributes such as strength, courage, leadership, and independence. It is a name that carries historical significance and is associated with notable figures, adding depth and character to its overall appeal.

Origin: Celtic

From the red swamp.


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Overall UK ranking: 840 out of 5581

42 recorded births last year

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  • Scotland (485)

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