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Name Popularity: 17%

Maizah name meaning:

The name Maizah is of Arabic origin and has several potential meanings. One interpretation is that Maizah means "center" or "core" in Arabic. This suggests a sense of strength and stability, as well as being a central figure within a community or family. Another possible meaning is "honorable" or "respected." This interpretation emphasizes the importance of integrity and dignity.

Maizah can also be seen as a variant of the name Maisha, which is derived from the Swahili language and means "life" or "alive." This interpretation reflects a vibrant and lively personality, someone who brings energy and joy to those around them.

Overall, the name Maizah carries connotations of strength, respect, and vitality. It is a name that reflects positive qualities and embodies a sense of importance and significance in one's life and relationships.

Origin: Arabic


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Overall UK ranking: 4634 out of 5581

4 recorded births last year

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