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Name Popularity: 96%

Maeva name meaning:

The name Maeva is of Tahitian origin and carries a beautiful and enchanting meaning. Maeva, pronounced as mah-AY-vah, means "welcome" or "to welcome" in Tahitian. This name exudes warmth, openness, and hospitality, capturing the essence of creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Maeva can also be seen as an invitation to embrace new experiences and connections with open arms.

The name Maeva carries a sense of positivity and friendliness, reflecting a person who is approachable, kind-hearted, and inclusive. It evokes imagery of a person who is warm and welcoming, making others feel at ease in their presence. Maeva also embodies the idea of embracing diversity and fostering a sense of belonging.

Choosing the name Maeva for a girl signifies an intention to raise a child who embodies the values of hospitality, openness, and acceptance. It is a name that holds a special meaning and can inspire the individual to create a harmonious and inviting environment wherever they go.


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Overall UK ranking: 221 out of 5581

226 recorded births last year

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  • Scotland (149)

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