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Name Popularity: 43%

Lucianna name meaning:

The name Lucianna is a variant of the name Luciana, which is derived from the Latin name Lucius. Lucius means "light" or "illumination," and as such, Lucianna also carries similar meanings. The name symbolizes brightness, radiance, and enlightenment.

Lucianna is a beautiful and unique name that exudes a sense of elegance and charm. It has a musical quality to it that adds to its allure. The name suggests a person who is filled with inner light, creativity, and intelligence. Lucianna is often associated with individuals who are open-minded, intuitive, and have a deep desire for knowledge and self-expression.

Furthermore, Lucianna evokes a sense of optimism and warmth, making it a name that brings joy and happiness to those who bear it. It can also be seen as a name that encourages others to seek enlightenment and embrace their own inner light. Overall, Lucianna is a name that carries a positive and empowering meaning, making it a wonderful choice for any girl.

Origin: Italian

Graceful, light, illumination.

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Overall UK ranking: 3192 out of 5581

7 recorded births last year

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