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Name Popularity: 99%

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The name Lola has multiple origins and meanings across different cultures. In Spanish, Lola is a diminutive of Dolores, which means "sorrows" or "suffering." It is a name that originated from the Catholic devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows, representing the Virgin Mary's pain and anguish during the crucifixion of Jesus. Lola can also be a shortened form of the name Carlota or Charlotte, which means "free man" in Germanic origin.

Alternatively, Lola has been used as a given name in its own right, unrelated to any other name. In this context, some speculate that Lola could have African, Spanish, or English roots with meanings such as "strong woman," "lady of sorrows," or "dark beauty." Lola is a name often associated with charm, independence, and confidence, evoking an image of a vibrant and spirited individual.

Overall, the meaning of the name Lola may differ based on its cultural origin, but it generally carries connotations of strength, resilience, and feminine beauty.

Origin: Spanish

Strong woman.

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Overall UK ranking: 64 out of 5581

807 recorded births last year

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  • Wales (61)
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