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Name Popularity: 72%

Liv name meaning:

The name Liv derives from the old Norse word "hlíf," which means "protection" or "shelter." It is a short and simple name, often associated with a strong and independent character. The meaning of the name Liv can be interpreted as a symbol of strength and resilience, indicating a girl who is capable of protecting herself and others.

Liv is also a popular short form of the name Olivia, which has a Latin origin and means "olive tree." The olive tree is known for its longevity and ability to withstand harsh conditions, which further emphasizes the idea of strength and protection associated with the name Liv.

Those named Liv often possess a determined and self-assured nature, as well as a caring and nurturing side. They may be seen as reliable friends and protectors, always willing to help those in need. Overall, the name Liv is a beautiful choice for a girl, embodying qualities of strength, resilience, and protection.

Origin: Scandinavian



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Overall UK ranking: 1569 out of 5581

19 recorded births last year

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