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Name Popularity: 37%

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The name Lilibeth is a combination of two names, Lily and Beth. Lily is derived from the flower, which symbolizes purity, beauty, and innocence. It is often associated with rebirth and the renewal of life. Beth is a diminutive of Elizabeth, meaning "God is my oath" or "consecrated to God." In combining these two names, Lilibeth takes on a meaning that could be interpreted as "consecrated lily" or "pure oath to God."

The name Lilibeth carries a sense of grace, purity, and devotion. It exudes a gentle and delicate nature, evoking images of a sweet and innocent girl. The combination of the two names also suggests a connection to spirituality and a strong sense of faith. Lilibeth may be seen as a name bestowed upon a child with the hope that they will embody the qualities of a pure and devoted soul.

Overall, Lilibeth is a name that conveys a sense of beauty, innocence, and dedication. It holds a deep spiritual meaning and may be chosen by parents who wish to instill a sense of purity and faith in their child.

Origin: English

Blend of Lily (the flower, innocence, purity, beauty) and Elizabeth (my God is bountiful, God of plenty).

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