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The name Leah, traditionally associated with females, does not have a direct male counterpart or a version traditionally used for boys. However, understanding its origins and meanings might provide insights into its potential use or interpretation for a boy. Leah is of Hebrew origin, deriving from the Bible, where Leah was the first wife of Jacob and the mother of six of the twelve tribes of Israel. Her name is thought to mean "weary," "tired," or "delicate" in Hebrew, but some interpretations also suggest meanings like "wild cow" or "ruler" in different contexts.

For a boy, using the name Leah could be quite unique and a departure from traditional gender norms regarding names. It could symbolize a connection to heritage, a desire for uniqueness, or an appreciation for the name's softness and historical depth. As society becomes more accepting of gender fluidity in names, the meanings attributed to Leah—such as delicacy or leadership—could resonate differently or take on new interpretations when chosen for a boy.

In summary, while Leah is typically a female name with Hebrew origins and various interpretations, its use for a boy would be unconventional but not without meaning. It could represent an embrace of non-traditional gender roles, a deep connection to its historical roots, or simply a love for the name itself. Regardless, the name Leah carries with it the legacy of uniqueness and the potential for broad interpretation.

Origin: Hebrew


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Overall UK ranking: 150 out of 5581

346 recorded births last year

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