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Name Popularity: 47%

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The name "Kit" is a diminutive form of the names Christopher, Katherine, and Christian. It has English origins and is commonly used as a nickname or a given name. The meaning of the name Kit can vary depending on the full name it is derived from, but it generally carries connotations of vitality, strength, and kindness.

In the case of the name Christopher, Kit can be seen as a shortened version that reflects the name's Greek origins, meaning "bearer of Christ." It symbolizes a connection to the Christian faith and can denote qualities such as devotion and religiousness. As a diminutive of Katherine, Kit embodies elegance, grace, and independence. The name carries a sense of sophistication and intellect. For Christian, Kit represents a person who is a follower of Christ, emphasizing strong religious beliefs and moral values.

Overall, the name Kit combines various meanings associated with its full name counterparts, representing qualities such as faith, strength, and intelligence. It is a versatile and charming name that appeals to parents seeking a name that is both traditional and contemporary.

Origin: English

Nickname for Christopher. Frontiersman Kit Carson.


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Overall UK ranking: 2942 out of 5581

8 recorded births last year

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